Monday, August 30, 2010

Twin Pregnancy Blog - Aug 29-30 - Week 13 - "Threatened abortion"

Threatened abortion. Never heard of this? Neither have I. Amazingly, I've read through 4 pregnancy books and none of them has mentioned this situation.

It's when the woman is showing of symptoms of a miscarriage while not actually in the process of a miscarriage. It may be a sign of an impending miscarriage or it may be nothing at all. Apparently, up to 20% of pregnancies are affected by this. Most go on to carry out a normal pregnancy. Here for more details.

Anyway, my wife is now in the hospital. She's doing well and the twins are just fine. She's staying there for bed rest and precautionary purposes. What led her to the hospital is a long story...

Sunday afternoon
Massive bleeding prompted us to rush to the hospital ER. Ultrasound scan showed both twins to be fine. Heartbeats were fine and they're both moving around. Doctor diagnosed it as a threatened abortion. Told us there was nothing for him to do. He scheduled us to meet with Obstetrics in the morning. We requested my wife to be admitted overnight for observation. The request was denied.

Sunday evening
Not satisfied with the prognosis, we visited St. Theresa Hospital, a private institution. Initial reaction from the doctor was surprise. She was shocked that public hospital ER didn't admit my wife. Another ultrasound scan was done. And again, it showed the twins to be just fine. A cervical exam showed a benign growth in the region. In 3 seconds, it was removed. As if on cue, the massive bleeding turned to slow drip. We're told that it will take some time for the slight bleeding to stop because of the now exposed blood vessels that were feeding the benign growth. Eventually, the wound will clot and bleeding will stop.
Hospital stay was deemed not necessary since we seem to have found and treated the problem behind everything.

Monday morning
Paid a visit to the OBGYN at Queen Elizabeth. The slow bleeding has not ceased completely yet. In our third ultrasound scan in less than 24hrs, the twins were shown to be again, just fine. They admitted my wife to stay at the hospital for precautionary purposes and observation.
Letter of complaint was sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

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