Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 things that the Philippines National Police should take from this recent incident

I watched the whole fiasco once more thanks to the amazing thing we have known as the internet. Here's are 4 things that the PNP should do right now considering what happened.

1. Get a rubber grip handle for their sledgehammer so that it doesn't fly out of their hands when they use it.

2. Request for more equipment. They were so desperate they were using everything they found in their pockets. Including glowsticks! Did these guys just come from a rave?
3. Request for better equipment. If you want to use rope, get a decent piece of rope. ANY decent piece of rope will do. But the rope they used was apparently so cheap, that it snapped when they used it to attach to a car to try to tow apart the front door of the bus. Face palm!
4. Know the anatomy of a tour bus. There are 2 exits. The main door up front and the emergency hatch towards the rear on the side. Consider entering through the emergency hatch before throwing your sledgehammer and glowsticks and snapping cheap rope uselessly for an hour.

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