Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pao Gasol vs Tim Duncan

Yahoo! Sports has come up with a list of the top Power Forwards in the NBA. It's only for the upcoming season, not an all-time list, so the list has Pao Gasol ahead of Tim Duncan.

Whether or not Gasol is better than Duncan is up for debate. But I feel that recently, people have forgotten the brilliance of Timmy and instead have been fawning over the mundane production of Gasol.

Duncan is 4 years older than Gasol and is unmistakably on the downturn of his career while Gasol has just hit his prime. But to put things into perspective, try to flash forward 4 years from now and ask yourself this: Can Gasol even come close to matching the same accolades that Duncan has?

Here's what's in each of their NBA trophy cases:

Pao Gasol
NBA Championships (x2)
Rookie of the Year
All-Star appearances (x3)
All-NBA Third Team (x2)
All-Rookie First Team

Tim Duncan
NBA Championships (x4)
NBA Finals MVP (x3)
NBA MVP (x2)
Rookie of the Year
All-Star appearances (x12)
All-NBA First Team (x9)
All-NBA Second Team (x3)
All-NBA Third Team
All-Defensive First Team (x8)
All-Defensive Second Team (x5)
All-Rookie First Team
All-Star Game MVP

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