Monday, August 23, 2010

Twin Pregnancy Blog - Aug 23 2010 - Week 12 - "Bring on the baby blues"

Just came back from Queen Elizabeth Hospital. We had another ultrasound scan. Our last scan was not that long ago. This scan was just so that the hospital can see for themselves that they're dealing with monozygotic twins here (since the nurse didn't believe us a couple days ago!). So, we were not really expecting much of anything.

The doctor examined the womb and the placenta shape. She determined that they're most likely monozygotic (which is exactly what we told the nurse a couple of days ago!).
The babies were measured. They're now 6cm long which is just about right for their gestation period. We saw them move around. At that point, it was mostly just more of the same since the last scan.

Then, surprisingly, the doctor presented a question. It was a question we didn't expect until several more weeks later. And it was a question that we desperately wanted to know the answer of.
"Would you like to know the sex of the babies?"
We looked at each other for just a split second before responding simultaneously "Yes!"

Our gut feelings were confirmed. In Feb next year, my wife will be giving birth to identical twin boys!

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