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  2. Hi Jason,

    Just acquired my HTC Desire mobile. Could you please tell if there is an option in the phone to prevent others from reading my text and emails messages eg like putting a pin code before you can access/read the text messages, if that make sense. Had the option on my old Samsung D900i and I believe most phones have that option.



  3. @Blaze
    You can't specifically password-protect the default email and messaging clients. The only things you can do are:
    1. Set up a screen lock at Settings>Security.
    2. Your smartphone is a personal item, like your wallet. Don't let others play with it needlessly.

  4. Hi Jason,
    Sorry this may be a dumb question...
    I just installed whatsApp on my iphone but my concern is, when I don't launch the app, am I being charged (data plan)? is it running in the background? Or am I charged just when I launch the app?
    I hope my question makes sense.
    I appreciate any info.

    thank you!

  5. I suspect WhatsApp won't actively use data when the app is not opened. It'll only use data when messages get pushed to you. Otherwise you won't be able to receive messages. But the amount of data usage shouldn't be enough to be a huge concern. I'm sure it's no more than what you would use for something like email.
    But don't take my word for it. Ask them directly!

  6. Thank you very much for the info!
    I have 6G of data and during the day (work week) this app would be the only one I use, to connect with only one friend using it, lol.

  7. Hi Jason, love your blog but I have a question about my HTC desire. My people widget is getting really full of phone contacts but most of them are appearing multiple times. Is there any way I can stop this happening? Thanks Jason....

  8. @monkeydoodle
    You need to merge your duplicate contacts. Easiest way to do this is via Google Contacts (

  9. Thanks Jason, I've got you bookmarked now as you are the man.

  10. I have a Blackberry and use WhatsApp to IM b/c not all my friends have a Blkberry too. WhatsApp allows you to Im anybody with a cell phone, regardless of what kind of phone they have. You need to give it a try instead of being so resistant to it. It is popular for a reason

  11. Hi Jason
    Just came across your views on WhatsApp from 2010.I think what it offers me, living in the UK,is zero cost for messaging with my son in the USA, whilst email contact via my phone and the mobile connection, costs.Emails-I think- are only no cost to me if I have access to free WI-FI.I'm not tech savvy so have I missed something? Hope your twins are well-enjoy!