Friday, August 27, 2010

One Double Stroller or Two Single Strollers for Twins?

We're torn between choosing to buy a double stroller or two single strollers for our twin boys. Here are the pros and cons of each that I can come up with. Am I missing anything?
Pros of a double stroller
Lighter and less bulky than two single strollers.
Allows one parent to do the pushing while the other parent is free to roam (ie, open doors, pick up dropped booties, etc)
Less expensive than two single strollers of comparable brand/quality.

Cons of a double stroller
May be too wide for certain places, especially here in Hong Kong.
The boys will outgrow the double stroller sooner than a single stroller.
Pros of two single strollers
Better maneuverability.
Longevity; it will take longer for each of the boys to outgrow a single stroller.

Cons of two single strollers
Heavy and bulky compared to a double stroller.
Both parents will be fully occupied in pushing the strollers.
More expensive than a double stroller of comparable brand/quality.

(I'm leaning towards a double at the moment...)


  1. We have 2 kids and although they aren't twins there was a period when we needed a stroller for both. We used single strollers for a while but they take up a lot more boot space in the car and obviously you need two adults to take the two kids out and about!
    We eventually bought a double but instead of the side by side stroller we purchased a tandem where one child sits behind the other. We rightly assumed that a double stroller would be too wide especially in town and shopping etc. whereas the tandem is the same width as a single. Also, we found that the the tandem suited them right up until my son wanted to walk everywhere at about 2yrs. After that we switched to a single for our daughter.

  2. @Alan, thanks for pointing out the option of a tandem stroller. My wife and I never considered it because we thought it wouldn't be fair for the baby having to sit in the rear. But you bring up a good point. We'll check those out the next time we go to a shop.