Friday, August 27, 2010

This Sunday won't be a day to remember for Hong Kong people and Filipinos

South China Morning Post reported today that there's going to be demonstration on Sunday. I can't see any good coming from this. This is going to turn ugly. I sincerely hope I'm wrong about this...

Here's an excerpt from the article:

Tens of thousands of marchers are expected to flood Hong Kong streets on Sunday in a demonstration organised by the main political parties to demand justice for those killed in the Manila hostage tragedy.
The march from Victoria Park to the Legislative Council building will be the climax of an outpouring of collective grief and anger in the city at the Philippine government's handling of the tragedy, following a series of protests, petitions and remembrance activities.
Organisers told police they expect 50,000 marchers but the turnout could be much higher. They said they did not expect the march to have a racial element but some have called for restraint because foreign domestic helpers and religious groups will hold their own day-long remembrance in nearby Chater Garden.

Update: Wow, I'm surprised at how peacefully the whole thing went. Nobody got into shouting matches and there were no violent clashes. I've underestimated the abilities of our citizens to stay rational.

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