Thursday, August 26, 2010

Manila Hostage Event - Aftermath - various quotes

Inspector Santiago Pascual - member of the special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team who was relieved of duties because of this incident. (source)
Asked why snipers had not shot the hostage taker during the afternoon, when he was standing exposed in the doorway talking to negotiators, Santiago said: "It is unlawful for us to shoot the person when he is doing no harm to his hostages."
Comment: So, according to Santiago, the hostage-taker was still protected by the law even though he was heavily armed and had hostages. The hostage-taker's life was prioritized ahead of civilians. Perhaps it's because of his twisted thinking that he is now relieved of duties. 

Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz - Philippine National Police spokesman (source)
Cruz said the tidal wave of anger being directed at the police was unfair. "They [the critics] are all in the gallery watching. They should try being in the line of fire and let us see how they react."
Comment: The general public should not "try being in the line of fire" because we are suppose to be protected by Cruz's men, the police. Furthermore, the police should not be "reacting" in the first place. There should have been a plan and that plan should have been executed. Unfortunately, there was no plan and now, the police have effectively caused the death of innocent lives. 

Mei Jianming - Mainland criminologist; associate professor at the Chinese People's Public Security University in Beijing (source)
"The Manila hostage crisis was a typical kidnapping and relatively uncomplicated. However, the amateurish and lackadaisical response by the Philippine police led to the abject failure of the rescue mission."

Lorraine Badoy Partosa - Manila resident (source)
"This country shames me so. I would like to hang my head in deep and utter shame because I am a citizen of a country so rotten, [where] unspeakable tragedies like these are possible."
Comment: It's unfortunate that this event has raised racial hate issues. I sincerely hope that we can all see the truth, which is not every Filipino is to be blamed. They are mourning with us and we have no reason to associate them with their country's incompetent police force.

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