Friday, September 24, 2010

Twin Pregnancy Blog - Sept 24, 2010 - Week 17 - "Getting better"

Something my wife noticed this week. The babies occasionally move around. When they do, one them will bulge out from my wifes abdomen. It's very odd. My wife says it's only happened a couple times and it doesn't hurt. Doctor says that it happens with twins but that we should call him if it happens frequently.

Not much change since last time except that the babies are now larger and the chorionic hematoma has continued to shrink in size.

On to the scans...

1. This shows what's left of the chorionic hematoma (blood clot). The size has shrunk about 20% since last week.
Week 17

2. Twin on top, 11.71cm long.
Week 17

3. Twin on bottom, 12.56cm long. Their sizes are similar enough to be normal.
Week 17

4. The arrow is pointing at the manhood of our boy on top.
Week 17

5. Same for our boy on the bottom. Jeez, how embarrassing for them...
Week 17

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