Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Overpriced products that we buy

Came across an interesting read from MSN Money today about products that are obviously overpriced and yet, we as consumers still buy them. Some main quotes taken from the article:

1. Movie popcorn
Average markup of movie theater popcorn is a whopping 1,275%.

2. Greeting Cards
The markup is between 100% and 200%.

3. College textbooks
College textbook prices have skyrocketed 186% since 1986, and these expensive volumes of knowledge now account for 26% of the overall cost of college.

4. Bottled water
45% of bottled water comes from minicipal taps.

5. Printer ink
At $30, a 42-milliliter cartridge of black printer ink comes out to 70 cents per milliliter. On the other hand, the Red Cross charges $200 for 500 milliliters of blood, which comes out to 40 cents per milliliter.

6. Brand-name fashion
Often marked up 500% to 1,000%.

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