Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not going to tell our twins who is "older"

We're not sure how prevalent this is but we've decided not to tell our twins (or anyone else) which one is "older". Neither of us believe that coming out of the womb first constitutes one being "older" than the other. In fact, it's completely irrelevant; therefore, it shouldn't have a bearing on how their lives are led.

In short, we just don't want them to boss each other around and claim they're entitled to do so because of who is "older".

Anyway, we'll have to see if this is even possible. Not sure if their time of birth is stated on their birth certificates. If it is, we'll have to ask the doctor if it's possible to have them be identical.

(We might finally tell them later on in life. Perhaps on their 21st birthday...)

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