Monday, March 7, 2011

Twins Blog - Mar. 7, 2011 - "Apneas and Bathtime"

Huge advances for Ethan lately. His feeding tube was removed and he's been feeding orally exclusively for the past few days and getting quite good at it. Previously, he would be winded after a meal. Just yesterday, he finished the bottle and not only was he not winded, he seemed to want more!
We also bathed him for the first time in the NICU (Not his first time being bathed; just our first time bathing him). He seemed to like being in the warm water. He certainly didn't like being taken out of the water where it was cold...

Aidan is still on nasal cannula. His progress continues to be a tad behind Ethan. He would still suddenly stop breathing and would require the NICU staff to use the Ambu-bag to revive him. This happens about once a day. We're told not to worry about it much as babies tend to outgrow this tendancy.
Aidan loves being held, seriously. He has always been very fussy inside his incubator when he's awake. He'll be twisting and turning, pulling on anything within reach. But once held, he'll be calm and quiet. Everytime we put him back into the incubator, he'll cry and squirm about again.

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