Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Twins Blog - Mar. 16, 2011 - "You can do it, Aidan"

Poor little Aidan is actually larger than Ethan but is still on the nasal cannula while going through several episodes of apneas and bradycardias every day over the past few weeks. There's not much that can be done. We're told that Aidan just needs to "outgrow" his As & Bs (as they're known).
As & Bs are very common in preemies but it doesn't make them any less scary to witness, especially for parents. The infant's face would suddenly turn purple. Reviving the child generally involves physical stimulation like striking the foot. If that doesn't work, the Ambu-bag is used. It literally feels like the baby has died for a moment before being brought back to life. I'm sure that statement makes no scientific sense, but it really does feel that way.
Fortunately when we visited Aidan on the 15th, we were told that he has not had a single A&B episode in the past 24hrs.
On the 16th, he had a single apnea episode. But his blood oxygen concentration levels looked much better than several days ago. Our fingers are crossed in hopes that he's in the process of outgrowing his As & Bs. In other good news, Aidan is pretty good at oral feeding; that is, much better when compared to when Ethan started.

Ethan has now been home since the evening of Mar 13 and he has been more adorable than we ever imagined. A couple of things we noticed about him:

  • He's very used to noise since things get quite loud in the NICU.
  • He sleeps through much of the day, waking only during feeds, changes, baths, and occasionally random periods where he would just look around.
  • He likes to be held for a while after each feeding session. If we try to put him down after we burped him, he'll cry to be held.
  • He especially likes the baby room which we wallpapered and floored with some colorful patterns.
  • Sure, it's been just a few days, but he doesn't appear to just cry for no reason. He doesn't even cry if he has a poopy diaper. The only reason he would cry is because he's hungry or he wants to be held.
  • He loves to be talked to. He would listen intently with his eyes opened. When I run out of things to talk about, I just count to him.


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