Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twin Pregnancy Blog - Oct 12, 2010 - Week 20 - "Kick"

I felt one of our babies' kick for the first time. My wife has felt the occasional kicking for a while now. But it's the first time for me. Feeling for it wasn't easy. I decided to just lay my hand on my wife's belly until I felt something. Several minutes passed and my wife asked me
"Are you really just going to keep your hand there the whole night?"
To which I responded
"Yes, of course."
A couple minutes later and it happened. Just for a split second, I felt a tiny pulse against my palm. That was it.

Ask any expecting father this and he'll agree. It's not easy caring for your pregnant wife and preparing for the arrival of your kids. Add your day job to the mix and it nears unbearable. But along the way, you are presented with reminders that at the end, it's all worth it. That kick I felt was one such reminder.


  1. It really pays all your hard works once you see your babies and you will love them so much. Lucky for you you have two babies......