Monday, July 26, 2010

Twin Pregnancy Blog - July 26 2010 - Week 8 - "Two heartbeats"

July 26, 2010
1st visit to the OBGYN. We've already confirmed the pregnancy via over-the-counter tests. So, we went to the doctor already knowing what to expect. My wife, Chung Yee, was already 8 weeks pregnant at the time. The ultrasound only confirmed that point. We were relieved to see our baby's heartbeat was nice and strong. Both of us were extremely happy because this was the moment that we've been waiting for for a while. Then came the surprise...

Doctor: "You can see the heartbeat there...(pause)...oh...I think you may be having twins..."

I was standing at the time and felt my knees give away beneath me.

Me: "I think I need to sit down..."

I grabbed a nearby stool for support right before I was about to loose balance.

Doctor: "Yes, there are 2. Here's the other one."

Twins! Both of us were speechless. Happy speechless, but speechless nonetheless.

Top is the baby on the right side. Bottom is the baby on the left side. They just look like tiny blobs right now but on the monitor, their beating hearts are unmistakable. They measured in at about 1.7 and 1.6 cm long.

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