Friday, July 16, 2010

Agonizingly slow computer at the office

Damn, check out the specs of the computer I use at work:

The CPU is a Pentium 4 HT 3.0E. It's 3.0Ghz, 800mhz FSB with 1024kb of L2. It was released in Feb 2004.
I'm not asking for a Core i7 or even Xeons. But I'd expect at least a dual core. This damn thing is single core. Sure it has hyperthreading, but it's pretty much useless because of the next item.

It has 512mb of DDR2 in dual-channel.
Again, I don't have high standards. I don't need DDR3 or triple channel. At least 2GB of RAM would alleviate a lot of my frustrations. To add fuel to the fire, 8MB of the RAM went to the onboard graphics. (Even my smartphone has 576MB of RAM!)

Windows XP Service Pack 2
Oh my god. I don't expect any large corporations to be adopting Windows Vista since it was such a disaster. And Windows 7 probably still needs a couple years of testing. But Service Pack 3 released in May 2008!

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