Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Foreign journalists' Yahoo email accounts hacked in China

More bad publicity for China. The article does not say that it was the Chinese government doing the hacking. But clearly something is awry here. Can anyone possibly believe that it's just a coincidence that the victims just so happened to be foreign journalists in China?

China has yet to issue a statement regarding this. Personally, it doesn't matter what the Chinese government says. Their public statements are never reliable.

Ask them about June 4th 1989.

Ask them whether or not they will grant HK universal suffrage as clearly stated in the Basic Law.

Ask them how many people do they executed annually.

Ask them about cutting greenhouse emissions.

Or even more recently, listen to what the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ma Zhaoxu, said in response to Hilary Clinton in January 2010:

"The US has criticized China’s policies to administer the internet and insinuated that China restricts internet freedom. This runs contrary to the facts and is harmful to China-US relations. We urge the United States to respect the facts and cease using so-called internet freedom to make groundless accusations against China."

They're actually saying that they don't restrict internet freedom when it's so obvious that they do. So please, China, don't respond to this Yahoo incident. You're just going to make yourself look silly again. And frankly, you're making everyone of Chinese ethnicity look bad.

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