Wednesday, March 24, 2010

China responds to Google pulling the plug on

Through The Global Times and the People’s Daily, China has a couple of comments for Google. These 2 publications are produced under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party.

“With its action to shift its search service from the Chinese mainland to Hong Kong yesterday, the world’s top search engine has made a huge strategic misstep in the promising Chinese market.”
Sure, Google is definitely giving up on potential revenue.

“Google’s efforts to make this issue into a political spat have naturally met with strong opposition and criticism from the Chinese government and society.”
Did I miss something? How did Google try to make this into a political spat?

“With the company’s credibility among Chinese netizens now plummeting, Google will be greeted with less sympathy and fewer parting sentiments from Chinese internet users.”
Really? All Google did was remove their censors. The average netizen experienced nothing new. Rather than being met with Google’s censors, they’re now being met with China’s censors. The average Chinese netizen should be disappointed, instead.

The paper slammed Google for offering China’s 384 million web users access to “pornography and subversive content”, saying the Chinese web would “continue to grow in a cleaner and more peaceful environment” without
Really? If you asked people to say the first thing that comes to mind when you say “Google”, I bet that not one person would say “porn” or anything subversive. If you say “internet” on the other hand, you may get the occasional “porn” response.

The overseas edition of the People’s Daily, the chief newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party accused Google on Wednesday of colluding with US spies, and said the firm’s retreat from China over censorship justified Beijing’s efforts to promote homegrown technology.
“For Chinese people, Google is not god, and even if it puts on a full-on show about politics and values, it is still not god. In fact, Google is not a virgin when it comes to values. Its co-operation and collusion with the US intelligence and security agencies is well-known.”
Seriously, this doesn’t even sound intelligent. You might as well all stay home and wrap tin foil over your heads.

Google “completely misjudged the situation, and does not grasp that Chinese people are extremely averse to external threats and pressure.”
What did Google threaten to do? They threatened to remove the censors from its search engine. Is that what the Chinese people are averse to? If so, then too bad. Welcome to the real world.

Exactly what is China afraid of when it comes to the internet? That people would find out about the June 4th incident? That people would learn about Falun Gun? That they would find porn (god forbid!)?

China really needs to pay attention to details here. Everybody here in Hong Kong has uncensored access to the internet. Have we all become anti-China. Have we all decided to join the Falun Gun? Have we all become sex-crazed lunatics?

If China wants to join the ranks of the elite countries in the world, they need to stop feeling ashamed of their history. Every country has their dark pasts. Their citizens should learn from them. So you’ve slaughtered countless innocent lives on June 4th 1989. Everybody knows about it, except your own citizens. Every Chinese outside of China knows. Yet, the existence of this event is openly denied by the Chinese government because they don’t want to be held accountable for their own actions. That’s just childish behavior. Grow up if you want to join the big boys…

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