Sunday, April 10, 2011

Twins Blog - Apr. 10, 2011 - "Cake"

Today is day 128 in the NICU for Aidan. There's still no end in sight but it does feel like we're at least heading in the right direction. Aidan is still on nasal cannula but the settings are minimal (ie, 0.5 liters per minute flow at only 21% O2 concentration). Apnea episodes still come and go but they're happening much less frequently and he recovers much more rapidly with fewer assistance.

Ethan recently went for his 2nd immunization shot. The doctor warned us that from his experience, babies tend to cry really loud because this shot hurts more, compared to the previous one. Ethan cried for about 45 seconds for the 1st shot. This time, he wailed for just about 15 seconds. It was cake.

A couple of recent shots. (We like dressing them this way; long sleeve inside with short sleeve outside.)

Ethan - Morning nap


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